February 22, 2024 will commemorate our five-year anniversary as members of the interim Bangsamoro Government. It has been half a decade since we pledged our commitment to serve in the Bangsamoro Transition Authority.

The strides that the Government’s peace negotiations have made, including the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law, would not have happened if not for the stakeholders who sacrificed and dedicated their time and efforts to making this a solid reality.

One of these people is Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr., whose integrity has been proven above reproach in his efforts to help us build a strong and autonomous Bangsamoro region. Sec. Charlie, as we fondly call him is an ally and a friend of the people of the Bangsamoro.

He has consistently demonstrated his sincerity in pursuing peace in Mindanao. Despite the challenges we have faced, Sec. Charlie has been a steadfast advocate for peace, tirelessly working towards the realization of our aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous Bangsamoro.

His integrity as a public servant is beyond reproach, and his sincerity in pursuing peace has never wavered.

As we commemorate the fifth anniversary of our tenure in the interim Bangsamoro Government, let us reaffirm our commitment to peace and development in Mindanao.