Office of the Secretary

Sec. Jesus G. Dureza 

Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process

Email: | Local: 823 | 7th Floor of OPAPP


Ms. Jeliza Farrah Dureza-Uy

Chief of Staff

Email: | Local: 807 | 7th Floor of OPAPP


Mr. Juan C. Raña

Head, Communications Group

Email:  | Local: 871 | 5th Floor of OPAPP


Government Peace Negotiating Panel for Talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army/National Democratic Front (GPNP-CPP/NPA/NDF)

Mr. Silvestre H. Bello III

Panel Chairperson

Local: 830 | 4th Floor of OPAPP


Dir. Ma. Carla M. Villarta

Director IV, GPNP-CNN Secretariat

Email: | Local: 827 | 4th Floor of OPAPP



Government Implementing Panel (GIP) for Bangsamoro Peace Agreements

Ms. Irene M. Santiago

Panel Chairperson

Local: 831 | 4th Floor of OPAPP



Atty. Ma. Cecilia D. Papa

Assistant Secretary, GIP Secretariat

Email: | Local: 837 | 10th Floor of OPAPP



Peace Accords Cluster

Usec. Nabil A. Tan

Undersecretary, Peace Accords

Email: | Local: 815 | 7th Floor of OPAPP


Atty. Ma. Cecilia D. Papa

Assistant Secretary, Political and Legislative Affairs

Email: | Local: 837 | 10th Floor of OPAPP


Asec. Dickson P. Hermoso

Assistant Secretary, Peace and Security Affairs

Email: | Local: 832 | 4th Floor of OPAPP


Dir. Wendell P. Orbeso

Director IV, Bangsamoro Agreements Implementation

Email: | Local: 834 | 4th Floor of OPAPP


Dir. Susana Guadalupe H. Marcaida

Director IV, Peace Agreements Completion

Email: | Local: 834 | 4th Floor of OPAPP


Peacebuilding and Development Cluster

Usec. Diosita T. Andot

Undersecretary, Peacebuilding and Development

Email: | Local: 850 | 7th Floor of OPAPP


Asec. Rolando B. Asuncion

Assistant Secretary, Policy and Programs

Email: | Local: 849 | 10th Floor of OPAPP


Dir. Maria Eileen Jose Salvador

Director IV, Rehabilitation and Development

Email: | Local: 842 | 10th Floor of OPAPP


Dir. Ferdinand G. Jovita

Director IV, Conflict Prevention

Email: | Local: 846 | 10th Floor of OPAPP


Dir. Pamela Ann Padilla-Salvan

Director IV, Peace Policy

Email: | Local: 861 | 7th Floor of OPAPP


Dir. Arvin C. Chua

Director III, Donor Coordination and Partnership

Email: | Local: 848 | 7th Floor of OPAPP



Support Services Cluster

Usec. Ronald I. Flores

Undersecretary, Support Services

Email: | Local: 857 | 6th Floor of OPAPP


Atty. Yeshter Donn P. Baccay

Director IV, Support Services

Email: | Local: 858 | 6th Floor of OPAPP


Ms. Benedicta V. Gervacio

Chief Administrative Officer II, Finance

Email: | Local: 801 | 6th Floor of OPAPP


Ms. Imelda C. Driza

Officer-in-Charge, Human Resource Management and Development

Email: | Local: 811 | 6th Floor of OPAPP