Philippine Peace Ambassador: Mobilizing Communicators for Peace Among Filipinos around the World

Effective communication is key to generate public support for the peace process. The peace negotiations are not just about the parties in conflict. As both parties claim to be negotiating and speaking for the people, then it is important that the people themselves are heard and their thoughts and proposals taken seriously. People must feel a sense of ownership of whatever agreements the government and the rebel groups will sign. So their active involvement in the process is critical to the success of the implementation of any peace agreement.

Consistent with the principle of transparency and inclusivity, the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process’ (OPAPP) key strategy in communicating peace is to engage key people (policymakers, opinion leaders, and influencers) and more people (the broader public and the grassroots). The task of making sure that majority of the 100 million Filipinos are well-informed and aware of the issues being tackled in the peace negotiations is daunting. It requires the enlistment of an army of communicators spread across the nation and around the world where Filipinos are. Thus, the need to organize Philippine Ambassadors for Peace by area, by sector, and by field of expertise/specialization.


Goals of the project

The ultimate goal of this project is to make every Filipino an Ambassador of Peace. Specifically, it aims to recruit:

Peace Ambassadors in every barangay, municipality, city, province, region all over the Philippines:
• Peace Ambassadors in every school at all levels in the Philippines
• Peace Ambassadors in every key city abroad where Filipinos are
• Peace Ambassadors in every sector and profession


Who Can Be Peace Ambassadors?

You can be a Peace Ambassador

• Any Filipino from ages 7 to 77 based in the Philippines or abroad
• Must be willing to volunteer their time and energy for free to promote the Philippine
peace process and mobilize support for the successful implementation of all peace
• Must be dedicated to the principles of freedom, justice, and peace
• Must possess integrity and reject all forms of violence


Here's what you can do

What Will Peace Ambassadors Do?

• Keep themselves informed and updated on the Philippine peace process
• Promote awareness of the Philippine peace process and the substantive agenda
items being discussed and negotiated and/or implemented to other Filipinos
wherever they are
• Initiate special projects and activities that will raise awareness on the Philippine
peace process as well as increase the connections and decrease the divisions
between and among Filipinos
• Organize people’s peace tables and public conversations in their homes,
workplaces, churches, organizations and communities so more people can
participate in the peace process
• Recruit other Peace Ambassadors


How Can You Be a Peace Ambassador?

Here's how to join

If you think you have what it takes to be a Peace Ambassador, you can volunteer online through the OPAPP website at or upload your photo/video/text message using OPAPP’s PeaceBOC mobile app using the hashtag #PeaceAmbassadorPH.

For those who do not have online access, volunteer forms will be available at your local post office and all regional offices of our peace partners (list will be determined soon).