Gawad Kapayapaan

Is envisioned to be the country’s premier award to recognize the major contribution that individuals, institutions, and organizations have made in moving forward the comprehensive Philippine peace process.



Award Categories

  1. Recognize and express appreciation for selected peace advocates, champions and exemplars for the critical roles they have played in achieving just and lasting peace for all;
  2. Highlight the accomplishments, milestones, and innovative peacebuilding programs that have been carried out in building on the gains of the comprehensive peace process;
  3. Set standards and present good peacebuilding practices that can be replicated and sustained; and
  4. Build, nurture and expand a peace constituency that will sustain a culture of peace and advance the national government’s peace agenda.

The Gawad Kapayapaan shall be open to peace partners from the government and non-government organizations, as well as civil society, with the following considerations:

  • Focus on local peace stakeholders; leaders of the peace tables;
  • Political implications; and the
  • OPAPRU may also give a posthumous memorialization for individuals who have rendered significant contribution in the comprehensive peace process.

The Gawad Kapayapaan may expand its parameters and accommodate international awardees.

Awards under Individual Category:

  • Gawad Kapayapaan Award for Youth
  • Gawad Kapayapaan Award for Women
  • Gawad Kapayapaan Award for Exemplary Peace Advocate

Awards under Group Category:

  • Gawad Kapayapaan Award for National Government Agencies;
  • Gawad Kapayapaan Award for Local Government Units;
  • Gawad Kapayapaan Award for Civil Society Organizations
  • Gawad Kapayapaan Award for Academe; and
  • Gawad Kapayapaan Award for Private Institutions

Qualifications for Nominees

Group of Nominators

  • Filipino citizens based in the Philippines with good track record of at least three (3) years demonstrating innovative and verifiable peacebuilding programs that have contributed and made a positive impact on the peace process, and/or peace and development, and must have no criminal record/degoratory record in any NGAs, LGUs, CSOs, INGOs, etc;
  • Must have conducted or organized program/s or project/s that are conflict-sensitive and peace-promoting, and gender-responsive with major accomplishments or milestones that have significantly contributed to or advanced peace and development and/or the peace process agenda preferably with various peace tables in the last 5 years. Peace tables include: Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF); Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF); Cordillera Bodong Administration-Cordillera Peoples’ Liberation Army (CBA-CPLA); Rebolusyunaryong Partido ng Manggagawa ng Pilipinas / Revolutionary Proletarian Army / Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPMP-RPA-ABB); and Localized Peace Engagements
  • In particular, their peacebuilding efforts must have:
  • Resulted in the creation or reform of political institutions to handle grievances that drive conflict;
  • Contributed in building a stronger momentum for peace by enabling stakeholders and communities to develop their own peace initiatives in line with critical elements of context analysis;
  • Empowered people to prevent situations of violence;
  • Led to an increased sense of security among the people; and
  • Resulted in the meaningful improvement of inter-group relations.
  • The nominees must also have established significant and sustainable peace promoting models that can be replicated and sustained; and
  • They must have an extensive and effective peace network, as well as a good standing with peace partners.

It shall come from the following:

  • Officials of National Government Agencies involved in the implementation of peacebuilding initiatives or programs;
  • Officials of Organizations with key thrusts on peacebuilding and are duly registered with competent authorities;
  • Heads of academic institutions with established peace education courses or subjects or with peacebuilding initiative; 
  • Officials of Embassies in the Philippines and International Organizations supporting the peace process;
  • Individuals who represent the sector being awarded; and
  • Qualified nominators may also opt to nominate himself/herself or his or her organization for the Individual and/or Group Category.

Steps for Nomination

  1. Fill out the Gawad Kapayapaan Nomination Form;
  2. Submit the filled out nomination form starting March 30, 2023 until May 30, 2023 via email at [email protected] with the subject: GK 2023 Nomination – [Name of Nomination] or via courier at:

OPAPRU Central Receiving

5th Floor, Agustin I Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd.,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Download the Gawad Kapayapaan Nomination Form

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For questions and clarifications, kindly reach the Gawad Kapayapaan Secretariat at +8636-0701 local 844 and look for Mr. Carl or Mr. Ian of the KMPIS (Knowledge Management and Peace Institute Services).