We took note about the statement of Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian comparing the internal tension in China with Taiwan to the Mindanao peace process.

The success of the Mindanao peace process has a vibrant support from the stakeholders as well as the international community.

The Bangsamoro peace process ever since has been facilitated by a third-party country to ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of the peace negotiations. Now in its implementation phase, the role of the international community in the southern peace process is very crucial to help deliver the peace dividends.

Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., during the UN General Assembly, has earlier showcased the positive experience in the Bangsamoro peace process to which other countries with internal conflicts can replicate.

We encourage countries with similar situations such as ours to follow the same path in resolving conflicts peacefully and not resort to unnecessary threat of force, intimidation, and/or violence.

The success of the Bangsamoro peace process can be replicated no matter how difficult it is. We believe that to address the Taiwan Strait Crisis, we need genuine and inclusive dialogue, respect, and good faith by all parties. ###