Greetings of peace!

As we celebrate National Women’s Month, I would like to commend all our women peacebuilders, peacekeepers and peace advocates who have been our key partners in moving forward the Philippine’s comprehensive peace process.

Over the years, we have witnessed how Filipina women have demonstrated that neither sex nor gender will affect their ability to decide, act, and provide solutions to the peace, security and development challenges confronting our country. 

From the highlands of the Cordilleras to the coastal areas of Tawi-Tawi, women are carrying out initiatives that are helping to foster mutual understanding, social healing and solidarity in their respective communities. 

And now, as our nation battles the COVID-19 pandemic, our women medical frontliners and health workers have been at the forefront of efforts to contain the spread and mitigate the impact of the disease — and save precious lives. 

Thank you to all of you for the selflessness, hardwork and commitment you have shown as you go beyond the call of duty to help put an end to this health crisis, revive our economy, and bring a greater sense of normalcy in the lives of our people. 

Truly, Filipina women have been the pillars of our nation amidst these trying times. You have not only acted as instruments of peace and development, but most of all, have been beacons of light, hope and healing among our countrymen. 

On behalf of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP), I would like to once again thank and laud the women of our nation for being a shining example and a source of inspiration for all Filipinos. 

Happy National Women’s Month at mabuhay po ang ating mga kababaihan!