Get the latest updates on the Philippine peace process and take part in peacebuilding!

View and/or download the latest news, photos and videos from the various peace tables on your mobile gadgets. Peace Buddies Organizing for Change (PeaceBOC) is a mobile application where you can get regular updates on the Philippine peace process and connect with peacebuilders from all over the country and beyond.
Get to know other peacebuilders through the app and be involved in various peace and development activities. You can also share your peace stories, photos, and videos showcasing your everyday efforts and insights on peacebuilding. PeaceBOC also allows you to send your innovative and creative ideas to the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP)!

One of the exciting features of the app is the “President’s Peace Challenge” where you can perform challenges that aim to promote collective action and inclusivity towards real change and genuine peace. Join the challenge by using the hashtag #TayoAngKapayapaan. The most creative entries with the most captivating message and most number of likes and shares will have a chance to be featured on the social media pages of OPAPP.

Walk the extra mile for peace and join us in building inclusive and lasting peace. Download the PeaceBOC app now!