Greetings of Peace!

On the President’s call for inclusive peace, the Armed Forces of the Philippines stands committed to support the government’s peace initiatives for a just and lasting peace in the country. Together with the various stakeholders and peace partners, the AFP joins them in preserving the gains of the peace process and the promotion of peace-building and sustainable development in conflict-affected communities.

In this year’s celebration of the National Peace Consciousness Month, the AFP continues to uphold its mandate of serving the Filipino people and protecting the sovereignty of the state, as it reiterates its unwavering support to the peaceful settlement of all armed conflicts essential to nation-building and development.

Change should start from each one of us and peace must also begin within us. We call on fellow Filipinos to rally behind the government’s call for genuine change and lasting peace in our country.

Tayo ang Pagbabago. Tayo ang Kapayapaan.